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The Engagement Academy faculty can deliver customized, contract programs onsite or online if your team is geographically dispersed.

Hosting an Engagement Academy program at your site gives you the flexibility and convenience to address specific learning needs. Creating collective knowledge and a shared skill set can help you achieve sustainable results.

The Engagement Academy faculty partner will work with each client to address their specific needs through collaboration and tapping into a larger network of professionals who have expertise across different facets of executive and institutional development.

What is Unique about our Faculty?

  • Focus - Singular focus on engagement in higher education.
  • Independence - Objectivity and neutrality. We believe in an open and dynamic model that provides you access to different, customized options and multiple perspectives enabling you to find the best fit.
  • Strategic Point of View - Trends, research, and data are provided with a "strategic lens" to ensure impact to your institution.
  • Agility - Faculty customize programs and services and offer them when and where you need them.
  • Practical, Experience-driven, and Interactive - Faculty use case-based learning to focus on building capacity to plan for engagement. Access to executives-in-residence, coaching, benchmarking data blend and faculty experience in multiple areas of higher education and engagement enhances learning and results.
  • Institutional Platform - Critical to organizational and leadership development, our programs and services focus on institutional planning and development and are designed to enhance your institutional capacity to engage students, faculty, staff, and community.

Customized Services Include:

  • Leadership Coaching - What is the roadmap? Assist in the creation or revision of a sustainable leader development strategy.
  • Team Coaching & Development - Assist the team in developing shared goals, measurable results and joint accountability.
  • Customized Faculty Development - Create and deliver customized faculty development programs to meet your institutional objectives.
  • Institutional Advisor - Are you looking at unbiased advice from experts? Select from a cadre of experts in a variety of areas who can provide critical feedback.
  • External Benchmarking - What are others doing? Discover in detail how other leading organizations conduct institutional and community engagement.
  • Institutional Planning - Are you looking for assistance in strategic planning, accreditation or re-accreditation, institutional assessment, or preparing for the application for the Carnegie Classification on Community Engagement? Select from a team of faculty who have experience with the application process or with facilitating institution-wide planning processes.

Program Design, Delivery and Evaluation - Do you require additional resources? Our Engagement Academy team can provide support in the design, delivery, and evaluation of engagement programs to support your institutional capabilities.

Services Request

Are you interested in hosting a program or would you like to request customized services at your site?

1) Download a Customized Program/Services Request Form:

2) Submit the completed form to Jeri Childers at jlc@vt.edu.

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